Friday, June 20, 2008

(11) holy prophet of islam Mohammad -SAAW-

In the name of Allah
Allah –Sobhanah Va Ta~la- say in Quran: Indeed in the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad SAW) you have a good example to follow for him who hopes in (The Meeting with) Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much. Soorat Al-Ahzab - Ayeh 21
So, the god bestowed us the best guidance and the best example; thus there is no doubt that we are responsible about these graces. We came to this world as a farmer who should till among all this earthy life until he has something to reap at the harvest time( the hereafter), the day that mother fly of his baby and father escape from his son, when nobody can help you and you are alone with your deeds. That day you have to answer about your deeds and that is the mean of responsibility. O, Allah set not us of those who are ingratitude and thanklessness.
Ok; today and for this time I share a very beautiful background still in Vista Background wallpapers section that I proffer it to the presence of holy prophet Mohammad -SAAW- may be we satisfy him –En Sha~Allah-.
As always it is full HD (1920×1080 Px) and high quality. Enjoy it.
Tell me your idea.
holy prophet of islam Mohammad -SAAW-

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

(10) Ahlulbayt esteem

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
Say (O Muhammad SAW): "No reward do I ask of you for this (missionand his guidance) except to be kind to me for my kinship (Imam Ali Pbuh & HAzrat Zahra SA-) with you."
42. Ash-Shûra (Consultation) – Ayah 23
Indeed, to seek the god pleasure you must have amour of Ahlolbayt because you see in noble Quran (as mentioned above) when the god say to his prophet about his right instead his prophecy discuss about esteem his kinship. Then if we regard this subject in our life we can be succeeding otherwise we are of the people who are the losers. Ok; Today I come with six Vista style wallpapers for Ahlebayt lovers. Those are all about Ahlebayt –PBUT- in expound Imam Ali pbuh, Imam Hussein pbuh, Imam Sajad pbuh, Imam Reza pbuh, Abalzal Al_Abbas (Imam Husseins loyal brother) pbuh, & Ali Akbar (Imam Husseins biggest son). I share these wallpers with very high quality and full HD resolution(1920×1080 px) each one may be about 300 ~ 400 kb so it's ideal for a background picture.
thank you
 Abalfazl pbuh  Aliakbar pbuh  Imam Ali pbuh  Imam Hussein pbuh  Imam Reza pbuh  Imam Sajad pbuh

Friday, June 13, 2008

(9) Brilliant of holly Quran

Hello, today in this post I release one of my best works. It has taken about four hours of my time. I emboss this wallpaper with a brilliant of holly Quran (Soorat Al_Imran-Ayah 190) that this wallpaper is about that’s meaning. I share this wallpaper in tow version for tact.
At the end notice I'm waiting for your viewpoint, glance, criticism & offers.
Please tell me what you think about my work.
Thank you for your visiting.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

(8) Imam Mahdi Aj

A part of the sermon 182 from Nahjolbalagha about the Imam al-Mahdi
He will be wearing the armour of wisdom, which he will have secured with all its conditions, such as full attention towards it, its (complete) knowledge and exclusive devotion to it. For him it is like a thing which he had lost and which he was then seeking, or a need which he was trying to fulfil. If Islam is in trouble he will feel forlorn like a traveller and like a (tired) camel beating the end of its tail and with its neck flattened on the ground. He is the last of Allah's proofs and one of the vicegerents of His prophets.
Hello, today i come with a wallpaper in tow background type. the one have simple b.g. and another one have a b.g. spruced by SHAMSEH - an iranian historial design art -. i hope you enjoy them. leve comment please. It's improved my work
thank you
Imam Zaman Aj

Saturday, June 7, 2008

(6) unknown martyrs

In the name of Allah
Hello I come back with other tow antique wallpers that I offer them to my friend Muhammd Goodarzi, its for about we was collegian. He martyred in 2004.
These wallpers are in the same way 1920×1080 px and with same idea in design as with later posted wallpapers.
Thank you for seeing my weblog. You can have contact with me by vote casting or leaving comment.
Have a nice day.
unknown martyr Candles

Friday, June 6, 2008

(5) Ahlulbayt infallibility

Allah says in Noble Quran (Sora 33. Al-Ahzâb -his Parties- part of Aye 33) Allah wishes only to remove ArRijs(Evil deeds and sins, etc) From you, O members of the family(of the Prophet SAAW), and to purify you with aThorough purification.
And in this post I send another couple of wallpapers with subject Ahlulbayt -peace be upon them- one about Imam Ali –PBUH- and another about Imam Hussein -PBUH-. I used my extremity attempt in designing that these wallpapers have been reusable for you if you want utilize them in your Islamic project or case-of course as I always attempted- and as last these are in full HD (1920×1080 x) quality. Be succeeding.
Assiduity: Ahlulbayt -peace be upon them- = members of the family (of the Prophet SAAW). They are five. The prophet Muhammad –SAAW-, Imam Ali –PBUH-, Fatima –SA- prophets daughter , Imam Hassan –PBUH-, Imam Hussein –PBUH-.

Imam Hussein -PBUH- Imam Ali -PBUH-

Thursday, June 5, 2008

(4) Anniversary of Liberation of Khorramshahr

Hello again. Several days ago was Khordad thirds, the day of Khoramshahr conquer. Koramshar is a beautiful city in southwest Iran. This city was occupied in the imposed war by Sadam hussain on Iran in 1980. But this occupation just was for 575 days not more and during the Fath Al_mobin operation Islam corps could occupy Khoramshahr. Many pious and good people, the best ones have been martyred for this prosperity. Be live his memory and their wary would full of wayfarer.
The wallpaper that I want to release in this post surely is irrelevant by Khordad thirds. Tow very very beautifuls, in full HD quality and with providence idea in design – this is my opinion- wallpaper for download. To see them full size please just click on the thumbnail. Thanks a lot (O, you can help me to know how much my work is valuable by vote or comment

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

(3) Sajdeh and pray

Allah say in Quran:
In the name of god the most beneficent the most merciful
Those who say: "Our Lord! We have indeed believed, so forgive us our sins and save us from the punishment of the Fire." (They are) those who are patient ones, those who are true (in Faith, words, and deeds), and obedient with sincere devotion in worship to Allah. Those who spend [give the Zakat and alms in the Way of Allah] and those who pray and beg Allah's Pardon in the last hours of the night. 3. Al-Imrân (The Imramites) - Ayat 16 & 17
Now, I i want to share another two fantastic wallpaper that is finished them nowadays. If you enjoy them please leave a coment that i would found them as useful stuff. thank you very much

 Genuflect The Fish

(2) Noble Quran

In the name of Allah
Hello I'm here with secound serie of Islamic wallpaper some digital painting that i made in Photoshop only with mouse. how tallent , heheheh. i hope you will enjoye them. see you agane.

Pencil Noble Quran

ya Allah St

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

(1) the ring

in the name of Allah the most beneficent the most merciful
Hello and Welcome to my weblog. This is a photo blog constituted exclusively for Islamic wallpaper. These photo copyrighted by Mosafere Karbala and it is free for everybody to use them just for Islamic usage otherwise you can use these wallpapers with copyright marked. Thanks a lot

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