Tuesday, June 10, 2008

(8) Imam Mahdi Aj

A part of the sermon 182 from Nahjolbalagha about the Imam al-Mahdi
He will be wearing the armour of wisdom, which he will have secured with all its conditions, such as full attention towards it, its (complete) knowledge and exclusive devotion to it. For him it is like a thing which he had lost and which he was then seeking, or a need which he was trying to fulfil. If Islam is in trouble he will feel forlorn like a traveller and like a (tired) camel beating the end of its tail and with its neck flattened on the ground. He is the last of Allah's proofs and one of the vicegerents of His prophets.
Hello, today i come with a wallpaper in tow background type. the one have simple b.g. and another one have a b.g. spruced by SHAMSEH - an iranian historial design art -. i hope you enjoy them. leve comment please. It's improved my work
thank you
Imam Zaman Aj


David on September 17, 2010 at 4:05 AM said...

Actually Imam Mahdi(pbuh) has already arrived this year.

You just need to recognize him for yourself. This may not be that easy, since he will appear as an ordinary man until most people acknowledge him. The way to recognize him is thru his words or the message that he brings - the message of peace, brotherhood and justice.

See http://www.imam-mahdi.org/ for more info

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