Wednesday, October 15, 2008

(35) Imam Hussein pbuh

In the name of Allah
Many shia lives in the world, the people who love Imam Hussein very much. The top of these romance may be emanate in Moharram first 10 days and specially in ASHURA.
All shia take their black shairt ware and mourning for him and his loyal friends. It is prevalent to embellish Mosqes or place of Rozeh with beautiful black flgs and so on. Today I want to release a famous pattern that I redesigned it with very high quality and resolution that is suitable for printing. So, every moslim can use it for places of Rozeh in Moharram or other month by printing it on paper or banner like.
It's possible for me if you want it in vector format or bigger size without any limitation. Just tell me.
Full specifications:
270.93 cm × 169.33 cm (7680 px × 4800 px)
72 dpi - JPG format
Very high web optimizer save as solution
Thank you for your visiting.
Pray for me in your SAJDEH
Fi aman Allah


Anonymous said...


كارهاتون واقعا زيباست

ميخواستم پيشنهاد بدم براي اماماني كه كمتر كار شده هم طرح بزنيد

مثلا براي امام صادق(ع) كه شهادتشونم در پيش هست

باتشكر از طرحهاي زيباتون
ياعلي(ع) مدد

محمد مجیدی on November 11, 2008 at 5:28 PM said...

Salaam Hajji

Kheili ba karat hal mikonam, va hamishe doa'at mikonam, vali hich vaght comment nazashtam.

Haji yek dooneh postereh toop roo hazrateh agha kar kon ... midoonam kar kardi, vali herfeyee tar, mesleh karayeh haj rezvanet ... damet garm

ali ali

Anonymous said...

اجرت با سید الشهدا
یه خواهش ازت دارم اون هم اینه که به وبلاگم یه سری بزنی و بگی که عکسهام که درست میکنم چطوره و با چه نرم افزار هایی کار میکنی
تو رو جان امام زمان پشت گوش ننداز

اجرت با خانوم فاطمه زهرا

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