Friday, March 13, 2009

(70) Imam Sadeq pbuh

In the name of Allah J.J.
Salamo alykom va rahmatollah Today I came with agrate vista Islamic wallpaper about Imam Sadegh pbuh. just pray for me in your Namaz. be succeed


Anonymous said...

bah bah
eyvallah ... dastet tala ... ensha'allah in dastayeh honarmandeh bereseh be zarih ima hussain

hajji be in aks negah kon:

karish mitooni koni??

Anonymous said...

Salaamun Alaykom.

"The person who recognizes God, will fear from him and the one who is afraid of God, will not have affection for the world"

Imama Jafar Al-Sadeq (a.s)

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