Thursday, April 9, 2009

(82) Grenade the sign of Mghawemah

In the name of Allah S.T
Salamon alykom ve rahmatollah
The Wallpaper that i want to gift to you is another wallpaper of moghawemah bt this is a very nice photoshop digital painting that I made it with spend much time in compare with a photo manipulating or other kind of wallpapers. just tell you the psd file of this wallpaper is contained of about 300 layers. A grenade that I postulate it as a sign of Moghawemah. Enjoy it and tell me whatdo you think about it via comment please.
Allah bless him

Grenade the sign of Mghawemah


eMPee584 on January 24, 2010 at 8:03 AM said...

..just strayed by your site and really have to say, you are very gifted creative person but this pic provoked me to leave a comment. Yes, the israeli state is acting far from fair (and clever) with regard to the palestinian people, no doubt about it. Some of them radical settlers really have learned a lot from the whole holocaust/hitler story, apparently they use the same approach: our people have a right to this place so we just throw other ones out. But i strongly dislike religious fundamentalists, whatever side they are on. Please reconsider your strong identification with martyrdom, there are better ways to achieve world peace. For one possible way =>
would appreciate if you join us.. salam bro ;)

Anonymous said...

السلام علیکم و رحمة الله و بركاته

ضمن عرض خسته نباشید برای این طرح زیبا

متن صحیح این عبارت که شما در طرح اشتباها نوشتید این هست:

هیهات منّا الذلة

که بیان مبارک امام حسین ع هست و معنی داره اما هیهات من الذله بی معنی یا با معنی ناجوری هست ان شاء الله که اصلاح بشه
موفق باشید

Anonymous said...

Assalamo Alaikom.
Dear Brother, Sister and friend, I would agree with my other brothers eMPee584 and Anonymous here and request that you remove this image, even though a hard work to create one, but the damage it does a billion photoshop hours can not fix and repair.
Islam is a path of tolerance, learning knowledge, compassion, ...and resistance through means that are taught to us through Our Holy Prophet (SAWA)and His Ahlelbait (SAWA) and His true Sahabi (RAAA)..Non violence. Violence never had a place in Islam, and defending one's land is not Violence.
Lets kill the ignorance within our societies and not ignorant lives.

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