Friday, May 1, 2009

(87) AlGhadir Clean Logo with Moala Font

In the name of Allah S.T
Salamon alykom ve rahmatollah
I have many email and comment about Almobin Logo about how i created it and thy want i design abother wallper like that and one of them was one of my deviatart viewer from Saudi Arabia that ask me to design a logo of Alghadir for hime with Almobin style. I made my mind to design it because it is belong to Amir AlMumenin Ali ben Abitaleb pbuh who is my love of all life.and here you are the Alghadir Moala font Logo. I write it with may hand ( the caligraphy is my handwrite ) and i appriciate it because it was just Allah S.T will that let me to design a wallpaper for Imam Ali pbuh. may he ask Shafaet for me in the hereafter when my hands are too empty from Allah S.T.
As you know Ghadir is that day wich Holy prophet of Islam MOhammad SW with a command of Allah S.T gathered all people of those who was very forth and whom was behind in the place with name Ghadir Khom and made a pulpit and take Imam Ali's hand and bringed t up as allapeople could see and told: "Am I our Wali from the god ?" and all people said :"Yes your have welayat in our life and our property from the God mor than ourself" then Hazrat Muhammad SW said: " who of those I am his Wali After me this guy - Imam ali - is his/her Wali for ever".
Ok then, I think absolutly you can love this walpaper It is very nice and clear.
Tell me about ur idea in comment please its very important for me.
Wassalamo alykom wa rahmatollah

Prophet Alghadir Logo


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