Thursday, May 14, 2009

(94) Al Quds mosque in Jerusalem

In the name of Allah ST

Salamon alykom wa rahmatollah. Just another wallpaper about Al Quds mosque ( the dome of the rock ) in Jerusalem. Download it in very high resolution ( 4320x2700 pixels )and jpg format. it's in very higher resolution of fullHD quality but in the aspect ratio 16/10. Is very good Vista style wallpaper and also you can use it for windows seven. Enjoy it and say a Salawat Alan Nabi Muhammed SW for pay the cost of this wallpaper.

 Al Quds mosque in Jerusalem


مصطفي said...

سلام خسته نباشيد. دستتون درد نكنه واقعا عكس هاي پشت صحنه قشنگي مي زنيد. اما درباره اين عكس اين به نظرم رسيد كه اين مسجدي كه تو عكس زديد مقدس هست اما مسجد الاقصا نيست اين مسجد قبه الصخره است كه روي صخره اي ساخته شده كه پيامبر از روي اون سنگ به معراج رفتن توي اين بنا هم اصلا جاي نماز و اين حرف ها نيست توش يك صخره عظيمه. اگر ممكنه زحمت بكشيد يك عكس از مسجد الاقصا هم بزنيد.

Anonymous said...


Bhanu Pratap (09352137130) on June 1, 2009 at 4:43 PM said...

This is very attractive and elegance design with a masque. I am hindu by religious. I attract with this masque due to in this design this masque allow someone who was leave him home for searching life true....

Dabeer said...

wow man. first time ive found some good graphic design work in regard to wallpapers relating to shias. i am from pakistan.
labbaik ya hussain (as)

Dabeer said...

Iain said...

Why the overt Jewish racism? Beautiful picture-- with a message of hate? A disgrace to Islam.

Anonymous said...

No such verse in Quran

Anonymous said...

hey guys this image is amazing i am from us and i have found some cool graphics first time ever i saw mosque in hdd graphic this is very cool thanks alot

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