Sunday, April 4, 2010

(209) Fantastic poster of Aytollah Bahjat rzw

My Leader Syed Ali Husseini Al KHamenei

In the name of Allah ST

Salamon alykom wa rahmatollah.
I always looking for Ayatollah Bahjat quality pic since he passing away to make a quality poster about him but unfortunately i could not, so I always thought with myself to find a way to increase the quality of pic and as u know there is no program can do that at all. So that was my imagination until 2 night before when I'm come behind my desk and said with myself i gotta design a good quality poster about him and I started with searching internet for quality pic of I'm but always a without result search but i find a low quality small size pic of him. i choose on of hem an opened it in Photoshop ( min is not enterprise extend edition its poor portable free version ) so i started to test an try all my knowledge to make a better quality of that pic. I tried about 3 different way with using filters and layers and bluer so on but the final result was not good as we can say its a good quality large pic and finally i find a way increase its quality . as you can seeing these tow pic below :
poster of Aytollah Bahjat rzw
the first pic is re-sized pic from small size to a big size its about 10 times larger than original and i worked about 3:30 hours on it , u can see the final result quality is in very very better than the original one:
poster of Aytollah Bahjat rzw
Now, for download this poster in high resolution full size click on this preview below
See it and pleasure.

poster of Aytollah Bahjat rzw
be succeed
Download and say Salawat alan Nabi Muhammad Saw
Labbayk Ya hussain as

Allah keep us over sins inshallah.


Anonymous said...

سلام و تشکر بسیار از زحماتتان
ان شاء الله که روح آن عالم عامل دعاگوی شما باشد.
اجرتان با حضرت ولی عصر ان شاء الله

Anonymous said...

Wow..that is amazing how you increased the quality like are extremely talanted brother. May allah give you the strength to continue your work.

خادم الهیئت on April 4, 2010 at 12:26 PM said...

اللهم ارحم علام الربانی آیت الله العظمی محمد تقی البهجت (ره) عکس زیبایه

ریحانة النبی on April 4, 2010 at 12:46 PM said...

احسنتم بر این طرح میدونم خیلی وقت گرفته.
آفرین بر شما
اجرت انشاالله میگیری اینان کم شخصیتی نبودند

Sajjad on April 4, 2010 at 8:47 PM said...

Salaam un alaikum
Mashaallah Very good ! excellent ! This is great how you incresed the quality ! It will be a great help if you do a tutorial on it !

Remember me in your Duas
Mohammad Sajjad

mojtaba said...

سلام خیلی خیلی عالی شده مثل همیشه
میشه به ما هم توضیح بدین تا بلکه روزی استفاده کنیم؟

mabaresayberi on April 5, 2010 at 8:38 PM said...

mamnon etela dadi
manam aval mikhastambenevisam masjedolaghsa:D
ama mamnon ke gofti
rahnamaeiyat to chanta kare aval ke kardi mano kheili tasir gozasht.vaghti mibinam az u com has kheili khoshhal misham
dar morede keyfiyat ax ro az webe khode akas ke to felestin ax migire gereftam
albate to site sheire ax,
kheili gashtam
chanta ba keyfiyat ham peyda kardam gozashtam rosh kare asasi konam motevajehi ke
be har har rahnamaeiyat to tarkibe range va tadole karam kheili tasir mizare
shoma harchi bashe ostad tarid nesbat khake mosetim haji

Anonymous said...

خدا رحمتش كنه
كفيت طرح خيلي بالاست

Karbobala said...

جدا خسته نباشی برادر

سید said...

باسلام و خسته نباشید خدمت دوست عزیز مسافر کربلا
تصاویر با کیفیت و فوق العاده ای درست کردید
جدا بهتون خسته نباشید میگویم
امیدوارم همیشه در راه ولایت موفق و سربلند باشید
با تشکر
سید محمد
یا علی مددی

Anonymous said...

beautiful wallpaper

Anonymous said...

hye please can write in Original Arabic
or English
please more tuto

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