Friday, June 24, 2011

2.20×0.9 meters banner about Imam Khomeini r.w

salam wa rahmatolah i decided to put my new designs here again coincide uploading them in my new website, so many of the visitor who visit this blog can see my new designs too. ----------------------------------------------------- Imam Khomeini is a fact which is alive for ever. Imam Khamenei In fact, Islamic revolution and also Iran is not known in the world without Imam Khomeini r.w ‘s name. When you talk about pure Prophet Muhammad’s Islam, it seems that you can not separate Imam Khomeini from that history, but the question is: why is this inseparable?, What he did to achieve this honor?! The answer to this question is huge but i want to just give you a clue so each one of you who is looking for the answer and truth, can continue his/her research and feel this fact with his soul. I believe any one who searches about something and spends sometime on it and finally he gets the answer, it’d go deep inside his/her heart, so take this article as a motivation for your own researches. As what handed down by my researches before Ayatollah Khomeini r.w Islam was just an ancient sect which was far from politics and technology ( in the public opinion of western countries and their politicians ) just like a lion without keen teeth, they never fear of such as religion because Islam was found only in mosques and Howzah (seminary schools). Until the time of Imam Khomeini r.w, it was not good for an Ayatollah to come and say something about governing a country or politic the first light of Imam Khomeini rising is breaking this vail. He said in an Islamic society, the king or president should be aware of Islamic rules and needs to Apply them in society as his duty. The very first time he pointed out this idea in public was about capitulation rule which USA government wanted to pass in Iranian parliament. It was a shock rather challenging for some and for others it was an ignition to wake up. I don’t want to get into details, and you need to go through internet and by few clicks you will find out if you want to know the rest. The Islamic revolution, now is rising and Islam and Muslims are not bounded in mosques any more and is now acting a big role in the life of a society, people are feeling it in their lives as a shield. His theory was Wilayat e Faqih. It says just a Faqih (scholar), can be a leader because its Allah’s s.t government and no one has this right to command others, Allah s.t Gave this right to His Prophet to lead people to His religion and take them to prosperity and good fortune. After Prophet by the command of Allah s.t this duty was delivered to 12 innocent Imams, Ahlul bayt, and it was going on till the 12th Imam ” Mahdi a.j ” was disappeared from eyes by the command of Allah s.t. There is a saying from the 12th Imam that:, that narrative is this: “و اما الحوادث الواقعه، فارجعوا فیها الی رواة احادیثنا، فانکم حجتی علیکم و انا حجة الله علیهم ” The translation is: ” And for what happens, its on you to refer to the narrators of our sayings, thus they are our proves amongst you and I am Allah’s prove on them” . So, by reading this i want to surprise you with a High quality and big size banner about a great man,Imam khomeini r.w which is suitable for printing in 2.20*0.9 meters. I used one of my handwritings in this banner, writing a full name of Imam Khomeini r.w in Moa’lla font. Download and enjoy with reciting a Salawat AlanNabi Muhammad s.w
preview of Imam Khomeini's name calligraphy


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