Thursday, July 14, 2011

Soft War Logo

Bismillah AlRahman AlRahim
Salam Wa Rahmatollah
Today, the time of bombs gone and the new weapon is culture, the war now is not rough but its still war and in each war we have dissipate losses, but let me tell u the losses in the Soft War is much more bigger and dangerous.
in war in battle field u see the person who wounded or killed, the killed person are martyr and their position is in paradise , but in this soft war the wounded are the one who lost his way and went out of Islam, he is a person with a lot of doubt in his mind and the one who cant choose right among wicked,and he will be in misery.
the family of martyr in rough war are proud to him but all the died person in the soft war are ashamed of knowing that person.
So, the imperialism and the army of Satan start developed soft war against Muslim because they want to unarmed us with making crack in our faith, they got it that our best and reliable weapon is martyrdom and they wanna make a Muslim who has a lot of doubt in basic principals so that person is way far to martyrdom because he don’t know why and for what he should left this colorful world and recline to the thing who has a lot of doubt about it.
when we have martyrdom, if we be victor in war so we are blissful and if they kill us that would be much better because Allah will reward us with forgiving all bad deeds and convert them to goods.
I designed a vector logo about soft war, take a look on its preview and afterward going to download it with saying Salawat AlanNabi Muhammad s.a.w .
preview of wallpaper :


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